The Book How To Sell Your Crafts Online

So how did I come to write a book about selling crafts online and most importantly – why should you care?
In June 2008, my wife opened her Etsy Shop. Now, I need to tell you something hugely important – the identity of my wife’s Etsy shop will remain hush-hush and anonymous!
You’re probably wondering why all the super-ninja secrecy? Well, it’s because my wife sells in an incredibly competitive niche and she doesn’t want other Sellers to figure out my top-secret Marketing strategies and become her competition. It would be like competing with ourselves.

Suffice to say St Martin’s Press (my publishers) have seen my wife’s shop and sales… As of the time of writing, my wife has sold over Three Thousand items in a highly competitive niche and her shop provides her with a full-time income.

OK, so after applying the techniques which are outlined in full detail in How to Sell Your Crafts Online to my wife’s shop, I decided to write them down for other Etsy Sellers and packaged my discoveries as a series of eBooks called “Crafting Success”.

I opened my Etsy shop “Crafting Success” in February 09, sold over 700 copies (or over 2000 if you count the fact they were a set of books) and nine months later was approached by an Editor at St. Martin’s Press who asked if I would like to publish my eBooks. Yes please!

Fast forward to today and How to Sell Your Crafts Online has since been published and will be available in shops as of October 2011.