Are you putting all your Social Media Eggs in One Basket?

by PaperbackWriter

A Basket of Eggs

In How To Sell Your Crafts Online, I speak extensively about Facebook and Twitter. As well as a series of other Social Media options, including Tumblr, Posterous and, Squidoo and HubPages.

All of these platforms work. They all do the job you need – broadcasting your creativity, information and interests.

Often however, it seems that a lot of people tend to favor one Social Media site over another. Facebook has been “in favor” for a long time. And why not? Facebook can be fantastic, particularly if you build a decent Fan Page for your online store.

But give it a little time and a few privacy “changes” or unpopular updates and you may find that a lot more people jump ship elsewhere. To Tumblr for instance, whose popularity and community is soaring all the time…

Until Tumblr make potential unpopular changes and then people swarm back to Facebook or Twitter. Not to mention Google+, which is a wonderful platform (although unavaiable for Marketing Businesses at the time of writing).

Talking of Twitter, I just read an interesting Mashable article which reveals:

“Twitter has been on a roll in recent months. The company surpassed 200 million tweets per day in June but has since jumped to nearly 250 million daily tweets. The growth has been tremendous: Twitter had around 100 million tweets per day in January 2011.”

Which is why you need to make sure your spending as much time on Twitter as you are on Facebook, as well as maintaining a presence on all of the popular Social Media platforms.

Maintain an anchor in the ebb and flow.

There are various ways of doing this and I’ll show you a very simple one in a future blog post. And don’t forget Social Media Marketing Magic which is the free book I created to give you a very simple Twitter Strategy.

With the rise in popularity of these Social Media Platforms comes changes and not all of them are seen as positive. But these changes are ofen in a state of flux, just like the Internet. Many of the larger Social Media Giants seem to listen to their users feedback, so jumping ship from one to the other can be self-defeating.

I find it best to maintain a presence on each of the big platforms and to make sure I’m not placing all my Social Media “Eggs” in one basket.

Using the techniques I outline in my book How To Sell Your Crafts Online makes this a simple process.

This is a truly amazing time…

Never before have we had the opportunity to “broadcast” ourselves across the world, from so many platforms.

And for free.

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