Are Your Etsy Images in Google Image Search?

by PaperbackWriter


Google recently added a new feature to their already powerful Google Image Search and it has some very handy uses for Etsy Sellers.

Essentially, instead of searching for images which have already been indexed by Google, you can now drag your own image into the Google Image Search. This will give you a list of places on the web where your image has been used.

Simple Search

This can really help if you find one of your items is getting a lot of favorites and viewings but your not sure why.
While Google Analytics and Etsy Stats gives you info on which websites are referring visitors to your items, trawling through old stats to find this information can take time.

Whereas dragging an image of your Etsy Listing into Google Search takes seconds.



Another way you can use Google Image Search in conjunction with your Etsy Shop is as an additional safeguard against pirated material.

I can see this being especially helpful to Artists and Photographers who sell on Etsy.
Simply drag your images into the Google Image Search and find all the places where your image has been used and make sure you’re being credited as the artist or owner of the work.


A growing trend for bloggers is to curate content which they find of interest.
This can be be fantastic for Etsy Sellers. If someone finds one of your works and decides they like it enough to blog about it, it can help increase your viewings and hopefully your sales.

And the more exposure the better.

However, sometimes you may find one of your pieces has been blogged about but the blogger has forgotten to link back to your shop.

This can be addressed simply, by writing to the blog owner, thanking them for featuring you and asking if they would consider placing a link to your shop within their copy.

Or better yet, to create a link from the image directly to your Etsy shop.

Using this Google Image Search technique can be a super-quick way of finding blogs which have featured your works.

How To Use Google Image Search

Here’s how to use Google Image Search to find an image.

First go to Google Image Search and click on the camera icon as shown below.


You can either paste a URL to your image (you could do this directly from your Etsy Shop Listing), or you can upload a file. I prefer to upload files and to do this, click on “Upload an Image”:


Now simply upload a file of your Etsy Image from your computer.

Here’s a quick illustration using my How To Sell Your Crafts Online book cover.
When I upload the cover, following the tutorial above, I get these results:



Which is cool because now I can see all of the places selling my book. And if I find blogs or websites featuring the book, I can thank the website owner and strike up a conversation.

I hope you can see the benefits of using Google Image Search for your Etsy Shop, or wherever you feature and sell your arts and handmade crafts.

This is just another way you can use the Internet to benefit your creative endevours.

You can also read a whole host of quick and simple lessons in How To Sell Your Crafts Online 🙂

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