How to keep Facebook Private

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How to keep Facebook Private


Are you on Facebook? If so you’re in good company with (at the time of writing) 500 million daily active users.
And while Facebook is a fantastic tool for networking, marketing and having fun, there’s a hidden downside some people miss…


Lack of Facebook Privacy

OK, just for the record that Facebook screenshot is from my personal page and I’m not really drunk and my boss isn’t a dull, tedious moron with the personality of a wood shaving.
Which seeings as I’m my own boss, is a good thing…

I created the screenshot to illustrate a point to you. And a website called illustrates the point even further. reveals people whose Facebook profiles aren’t set to private and whose posts are public, so anyone can see their updates.
*Warning – if you visit the site, you will find some of these updates can be explicit in nature.

As you can see from the list of categories shown below & available on, many are things people wouldn’t want made public.

Here are the available categories on the website, which anyone (including employers) can see:

  • Who wants to get fired?
  • Who’s hungover?
  • Who’s taking drugs?
  • Who’s got a new phone number?

So that’s status updates where people badmouth their bosses, show how much they’ve had to drink or which drugs they’ve taken. And share their new phone numbers with complete strangers.

Pretty scary eh!

Now I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you how important it is you lockdown your Facebook profile & keep your updates limited to friends and family, rather than making them public.

How to Make your Facebook profile private in a few easy-steps!

OK, so now we’ve established public personal Facebook posts aren’t always a good thing, here’s how to keep them private in a few simple steps.

Please bear in mind these are my personal choices for privacy and they’re also for personal Facebook pages. They are not for “Fan” Pages for your business or organization (where you’d want updates to be public).

To access your privacy settings sign-in to Facebook and click the dropdown as shown below:

Facebook Privacy

Next, click “Custom”:

Custom Setting on Facebook

I chose the options shown below (leaving Friends of those tagged unchecked):


Save changes and then click on “How You Connect”:


From the list, I selected the options shown below. I prefer to let anyone send a friend request or message me so I can meet new people. And If needs be, you can always block people on Facebook at a later stage.


After you’ve clicked “Done”, you will return to “How You Connect”. Now click on “Timeline and Tagging”:


From here, I chose the options revealed below. Some might consider these pretty “strict”, but this is my personal choice for keeping privacy on Facebook:


After you’ve made your choices & clicked “Done”, the next option to edit is “Ads, Apps and Websites”:


This allows you to control or limit the information that Apps and Websites may use. Again, this is strictly personal and you may not be using Apps, so there’s no hard and fast rule here and you should choose whatever works for you.
But one of the settings I’d definitely look at is “Public search”:


I keep this unchecked, but you may want people to find your profile inside the search engines, in which case you’d check the box.


And finally, to ensure old posts in your timeline are kept private, click “Limit the Audience for Past Posts”.
This allows you to keep your historic activity on Facebook private:


Once you click edit, you’ll find 2 choices:


Either “Limit Old Posts” or “Cancel”. But this is personal preference. I went with “Limit old posts” so only friends can see them.

If you choose the same you’ll be presented with the following question:


If you click “confirm” you’ll see the below screen confirming this action is now complete:


Finally in Privacy Settings is “Blocked People and Apps”


This is where you can block specific people using their names or email addresses. You can also block Apps and Invites. Again this is down to the individual so I won’t share my settings, but leave it to you to decide what’s best.

So that’s it for settings.
One final point, is to make sure you set your Facebook Status posts to show for “Friends” only, as shown below:

Facebook Status Friends Only


And…that’s it!

A final thing to bear in mind is keeping up with Facebook in the news.

If you see an update which shows the privacy settings have been changed, you should review your settings.

I hope this tutorial has been helpful & if you’d like further free tips and Social Media updates follow my page on Facebook & subscribe to my blog by clicking here.

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