How To Schedule your Etsy Content on Facebook

by PaperbackWriter


If you’ve read How To Sell Your Crafts Online, you will know I recommend scheduling your content.

Often, when we’re browsing online and find something we like and think will appeal to our friends, fans and followers, we’re tempted to copy the URL and paste it straight into Twitter and Facebook.

Which frankly, can be a mistake for two reasons.

  1. Facebook and Twitter streams are almost constantly updating and therefore your post can be lost within moments.
  2. By posting at a time when you know your intended readers are online it’s far more likely they will see your post and engage with you.

One thing I do not recommend scheduling your posts for Facebook in the same way I show for Twitter.

This is because studies have shown that Facebook give less “spread” to posts which come from 3rd Party Applications like Hootsuite or Bufferapp.

But now thankfully, Facebook have solved the problem of scheduling your posts.

Here’s how you can implement this new feature on your Facebook Page:

Step 1

First, paste in the URL to the content you’re sharing, plus your own personal comment.

Now as a further tip for the first time you try this, make sure you copy your comment and URL using Control & C (or Command & C on Macs).
It will soon become clear why I recommend this.

The next thing you need to do is click the clock icon as shown below:


Step 2

You may get a message before you can use the feature which will look like the below. To resolve this, simply add the date you set up your Facebook Page:


I added an approximate date for when I set up my Facebook Page for How To Sell Your Crafts Online:


Step 3

You will probably find yourself taken back to your Facebook Timeline Page at this point. So you will need to add your new post in again.

Hopefully you followed my advice above and copied it to your computers clipboard, so all you should need to do is paste it in by clicking Control & V on a PC or Command & V on a Mac.

Click the clock timer again:


And now you can add the Year, Month and Date, Hour (and even minute) when you’d like your post to go live:


Finally click on “Schedule” and you’re done!


Image courtesy of Earls37a on Flickr


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