How to Sell Your Crafts Online is now available!

by PaperbackWriter

The Book How to Sell Your Crafts Online

Well, here we are – “How to Sell Your Crafts Online” is now available in the shops!

It’s been a long journey since I wrote my eBook guides back in January 2009. And from the simple but practical PDF guides emailed out on Etsy, the lessons and tips have been recreated, edited and updated into a gorgeously presented book from St. Martin’s Press.

I was really proud of the eBooks when I first created them, but it’s much more rewarding to see my writing in a professionally designed and edited book!

And the lessons contained in Crafting Success have been expanded. So you now receive 198 pages (not including the index) of marketing tips.

I’d also like to take a moment to thank all of my former customers from my Etsy Shop Crafting Success. I made a lot of good online friends through selling the guides and got fantastic feedback.

It’s so inspiring to hear your lessons are actually helping people! That Crafters and Artists of all manner of strange and wonderful creations are now selling more of their works, thanks to your advice. And their shops are getting more attention and traffic. And more visitors, Facebook Fan and Twitter Followers.

That’s genuinely heart-warming to hear.

So a big thank-you to everyone who has followed me from Crafting Success, as well as my agent Andrea Hurst and everyone at St. Martin’s Press.

And of course all the new artists and crafters I hope will buy How to Sell Your Crafts Online. And take the time to really implement the techniques and easy-to-follow lessons.

Your work needs to be seen!

Here’s to creativity and imagination in all its forms!

Happy Crafting!

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