How To Sell Your Crafts Online – The Tweets

by PaperbackWriter

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You may or may not have noticed the links to the How to Sell Your Crafts Online Facebook and Twitter Pages.
Hopefully you did.

But if you didn’t – here’s is a selection of Tweets from this week:

[tweet_embed id=193141986264481793]

[tweet_embed id=193126906000982016]

[tweet_embed id=192749378811867137]

[tweet_embed id=191677320199815168]

[tweet_embed id=191345133671821312]

As you can see, there are plenty of great finds from across the web which you can apply to your Etsy Shop Marketing.

And while I also share on my Facebook page, I primarily use Twitter to distribute the majority of interesting links.

So if you’re not following @CraftersGuide please feel free to follow me and receive all the latest marketing updates as they occur and keep me updated with your fantastic finds!

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