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by PaperbackWriter

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How to Sell Your Crafts Online…well it should be straightforward shouldn’t it? You simply advertize your crafts on Etsy or eBay or any number of handmade marketplaces and sit back and watch the sales roll in…

Except sadly they rarely do. Not without a lot of work in Marketing and Promotion and a squillion other activities. All of which take you away from doing the one thing you want to do – create and craft handmade items…

This website has been set up in order to help you. Granted, it’s also here to promote my new book but I hope that I can help you at the same time.

I didn’t write How to Sell Your Crafts Online to become a multi-millionaire (although it would be nice if I did)!
I wrote the book because I genuinely have a love for people’s creativity, handmade items, art, jewelry, clothes, soaps, sock puppets, books, zines and paper squids. Searching through Etsy is hugely rewarding and seeing what people dream up is a lot of fun!

So how does this benefit you? Well, as sharing all of my latest Social Media ideas for marketing your Etsy shops, I’m going to approach crafters to see if they’ll consider showing their work, strategies, lows, highs and in-betweens and showcase their creativity with you. And it’s my belief that everyone has a golden nugget of advice or a top-tip to improve marketing and sales.

Please feel free to leave comments and add me on Facebook and Twitter and naturally – don’t forget to order How to Sell Your Crafts Online 🙂

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