How to Set Up Facebook and Twitter in Your Etsy Shop

by PaperbackWriter


Etsy have recently added a new way of promoting your Social Media pages on Twitter and Facebook.

If you’ve read How To Sell Your Crafts Online, you’ll know that I consider Social Media to be of vital importance when it comes to selling on Etsy and all Handmade Marketplaces.

In fact, Social signals are going to become more and more vital when it comes to Search Engines Rankings.

OK, so if you haven’t yet linked your Twitter and Facebook Accounts to your Etsy Shop, here’s how you do it using the new feature.

Setting up

Firstly sign into your Etsy shop and click on the Add Links as shown below:




On the next screen click you will see you can “Connect with Facebook” and “Connect with Twitter”. For this step, click on “Connect with Facebook”.



You will now need to add your login details for Facebook including your email address and password. This is Etsy’s App and it will be able to access some of your information. So you should only proceed with this step if you’re comfortable sharing your data.

And although your Facebook Fan Page is for “Public” use, you still need an personal Facebook page to create one. For more details see How To Sell Your Crafts Online.

From a personal perspective, my Twitter Profile and Facebook Fan Page were created to promote myself online so having more power to do so by using the huge amount of traffic available on Etsy is a win-win. Therefore I was comfortable to allow the App access to my Facebook details, but its worth highlighting the point.



Once you’ve entered your log-in details you will see the screen below. This is essentially telling you the information Etsy will need to access. Providing you agree, click on Log-in.




The next shows you the Pages Etsy may login as. As long as you agree, click on “Allow” as shown below:



The next screen allows you to select which Facebook Page you wish to promote.

This is the Facebook Page which will appear below the banner on your Etsy shop.

If you have more than one Page, then simply click on the Facebook Page associated with your Etsy Shop.



As shown below, you can now sign up with Twitter (you should also see the name of your Facebook Fan Page above the Twitter button). So now click the “Connect with Twitter” button.



Now enter your Twitter Login and Password, as shown below. You should only do this if you agree that the Etsy App can have access to your account, as outlined in the screenshot.



If you authorize the App you will be redirected to your Etsy Settings Page where you will see something very similar to the screenshot shown below:


Now, simply scroll to the foot of the page and click on “Save Changes”:



And finally, if you return to your Etsy shops front page, you should now see your Social Media buttons are active, as shown below:



And that’s it!

While there have been Social Media links on Etsy for a while, I believe that now they have moved them to an “above the fold” position there is a much greater chance that people will click on them and “follow” and “like” you.

Of course, this also means that you need to make sure your Etsy Banner looks clean and professional as it sits just above these Social Media Buttons.

Having a great looking banner might be a huge factor in whether or not people decide to click those buttons.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to create a fantastic looking banner there’s a whole chapter dedicated to the subject in my book.

And if you leave a comment with the name of your Etsy Shop below, I’ll be glad to “Like” and “Follow” you 🙂

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