How to set up Your Etsy Shops Facebook Page “Vanity URL”

by PaperbackWriter

This new tutorial will work whether or not you have purchased How To Sell Your Crafts Online.

But if you own the book I want to update you with some new information concerning Facebook.

When I originally wrote the book, Facebook had a rule that you needed 25 “likes” on your Facebook Page in order to be able to choose a “Vanity Url”.

Choose Your Own

If your not sure what a “Vanity Url” is, then its covered in the book, so I don’t want to repeat myself here.
But, in essence, it means that instead of having an ugly URL which might look something like:

You can choose your own URL.

For example, the URL for my Facebook Fan Page is:

As you can see, this looks a lot nicer and its much easier to include on Business Cards or promotional material.

If your stuck for ideas on how to decide on your Vanity URL or need more ideas, then you will find a whole chapter dedicated to Facebook in my book.

As an update to the Facebook Chapter, as mentioned earlier, you no longer need 25 “likes” to secure your Vanity URL.

Simple Set-Up

Here’s how you can get one right now.

First, sign into Facebook with your personal account and click on this URL:

Now select the Page which you want to set a “Vanity” URL for.

In this example I’m using the fictional Sea Glass Jewelry Etsy Shop I used in the book.

Step 1

Once you’ve selected your Page from the drop-down, type in the words you would like to appear in your Facebook Page Address.

Here’s how mine appears in the search engines as an example:



Its important to note you cannot use spaces to define the words being used on your Facebook Page. As a work-around, you can use Capital Letters to highlight each word.

For example instead of:


You can use


This helps to identify your words in the absence of spaces.

Step 3

When you’ve chosen your Vanity URL, click on “Check Availability”.

For this tutorial I’m going to use “SeaGlassJewelryExample” because I don’t want to take a Username for my non-existant Etsy Shop,

If you find the URL you would like to use on Facebook has been taken, refer to Chapter 26 of How To Sell Your Crafts Online for more ideas.

Double and Trip-Check!

If your URL is available you can now click on “Confirm” as shown below.

Its worth noting the text above the “Confirm” button first.

You cannot change the Username once you set it. So its really important that you make sure your choosing the right one and double and triple-check that the spelling is correct. If needs be, run it through a Word Processor first.

Step 4

So once your ready, simple click “Confirm” and you now have a unique Username for your Etsy Shops Facebook Page.

Finally, make sure you add it to your email signatures (along with your Etsy Shop name) and also make sure its added onto your Etsy Page.

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