Improving Your Etsy Images

by PaperbackWriter

Picnik closing

If you’ve read How to Sell Your Crafts Online you’ll know that I wrote a whole chapter dedicated to photography.

The way you photograph your Etsy items is so important and vital that it definitely merited its own chapter.

If you browse through Etsy you will soon see why. For every vibrant, clean and well shot item, you find blurred shots with busy backgrounds where the items are out-of-focus.

Clearly this is not the best way to present your crafts but its not surprising it happens.

Many people selling on Etsy are crafters, not photographers.
Which is why I wrote a chapter to help people find ways to improve their product listings.

RIP Picnik

One of the tips in the chapter was Etsy sellers and crafters to use Picnik to improve the brightness and sharpness of their images.

With Picnik closing this is no longer possible, at least as shown in some of the steps in my book.

You can still use some of Picnik’s features by using Google’s Creative Kit – if you’re a Google+ member.

Again, if you’ve read and implemented the lessons in* “How to Sell Your Crafts Online”* you’ll know I recommend setting up a free Gmail account for a whole host of benefits.

Here’s a tutorial showing the Google Creative Kit in action:


Another workaround, if you want to try out some different tools, is to use Aviary which has been integrated with Flickr.


You can find out more in this article. Here’s a snippet summarizing Aviary’s features:

Promising better speed and simplicity over Picnik, Aviary offers the standard features such as cropping, rotating, contrast controls, saturation controls, sharpening and red-eye reduction, but also comes with “stickers” and text options as Picnik did and various filters that give any photo a special effect like black and white or a hipster vibe.

Another option, which I haven’t fully explored is Picmonkey.

I’d recommend trying out all 3 services until you find the best fit for you. You may even end up using a combination of all 3!

No matter which option you choose, its good to know that by using these resources and following the photography tutorial in How to Sell Your Crafts Online, you’ll be one step ahead of the sellers on Etsy who don’t.

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