Is Your Etsy Shop Name Free?

by PaperbackWriter

The NameChk Website

If you’re setting up a new Etsy shop, or have decided to close an existing shop and start from scratch, then there are a number of considerations. I cover these questions in How to Sell Your Crafts Online and provide a number of ways for you to find the best option.

One thing which is really important when deciding an Etsy shop name is that as well as securing the shop name itself, you also reserve the name as a Facebook Page and Twitter Profile.

You might also want to make sure the name is free as a domain and buy the URL and set up a WordPress Blog. Or, if you want to use one of the numerous free blogging sites such as, or Tumblr, again, you need to make sure your name is free.

If you were to complete this task manually it could be a long, mundane task. Thankfully, I’ve recently discovered a website which will solve this problem and could potentially save you a heap of time.

Its a website called ”NameChk” and its really simple to use.

In their own words, NameChk allows the user to:

“Check to see if your desired username or vanity url is still available at dozens of popular Social Networking and Social Bookmarking websites.”

To use this tool, head over to:

and type your desired name as shown below;

Check your name on NameChk

Once you click “Search”, the website will perform a check to see if your name is available. I’ve used my Twitter name CraftersGuide as an example.

As you can see from the below graphic, NameChk tells me my name has already been taken on Twitter, but is available elsewhere (including Etsy):

Twitter Name Taken

Looking at the above example, (if I didn’t already own it) I’d reconsider the name “CraftersGuide” because YouTube is an important strategy for my Etsy shop and I definitely want the Twitter name and if I wanted to set up a Blogger Account I’d have problems.

NameChk tells me at a glance which names are free on Twitter and Facebook, Etsy, WordPress and a huge array of other services.

Something else to consider, is making sure your Etsy shop name is available as a .com.
I speak about this indepth in “How to Sell Your Crafts Online” as for me, owning the .com always wins out against other options such as .org or .net.

Thankfully, NameChk makes this simple by showing you available domains below your search:

Available Domain Names

This is a fantastic feature!

I’ve only been using NameChk for a short amount of time but so far, it seems to be an invaluable tool and I can see great potential for NameChk as a handy resource for new Etsy Sellers or people needing to rebrand and start afresh.

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