New Year – New Etsy Shop

by PaperbackWriter

New Years Fireworks

New Year, New Etsy Shop

First things first – Happy New Year!

I’m so grateful to each of you who have invested in How to sell your crafts online. The book has done really well and I’ve received amazing feedback – so thank you!


With the New Year, comes of course, resolutions.
Many of which will wane to a grinding halt around the second week of January…

If you’ve just joined a gym or plan to and you own an iPhone then this new App is an interesting idea for helping you keep your resolve and avoid throwing money away.

Hopefully, in a year or two – there will be an app for all of life’s challenges 🙂

Spring Clean

As well as joining a gym and planning on quitting smoking/drinking/streaking, January is also a good time to take stock of your Etsy shop.

And there’s nothing wrong with bringing the Spring Clean forward for your online shop.

Indeed the new year is a perfect time to blow those virtual cobwebs out…

To start, go and look at your Etsy shop. Try to detach yourself from the items you’ve created and what they mean to you and ask yourself if your shop looks as good as it could?

Is your Banner up to scratch?

Or could your shop do with a refit?

Are your photographs do justice to your items?

Are you getting a lot of people adding you to circles, are people favoriting your shop and listings?

If not, why not?

Are you still referring to the Holidays in your shop announcement or listings? If so, make some edits.

Be objective and ask yourself, is this a shop you would want to visit and browse?


As well as considering cosmetic changes, another useful exercise is to have a look at last years Stats:

Etsy Shop Stats

You can use Shop Stats to see the growth of your shop.

Bear in mind Etsy didn’t start storing viewing data for Shop Stats until June 28th 2011. But you can see how your viewings went since then.

As you can see from the below graphic, my wife’s Etsy shop showed steady growth over the holidays and this is to be expected.

Etsy Shop Traffic

But, there was also a spike of traffic in July. I would be keen to look at this month and see if I can find reasons for the traffic.


Did a prominent website feature my wife’s work, or link to the Etsy shop? Does the website run adverts? Would they be interested in a giveaway or guest blog post?

These are the things I’d be looking at and you can do the same – look at your stats, look for opportunities.

If there was a dip in viewings, was there a reason? Did you slow down on promotion or stop tweeting or posting to your Facebook page?

Problems can be fixed.

Look at your traffic sources and keywords. You may find, over the course of the year, that some sites send you more traffic than others. Perhaps your shop does better on Facebook than it does on Twitter? Or vice versa.

The Etsy stats can be incredibly helpful.

So can looking at your shop with new eyes, analyzing your stats and deciding to make some healthy changes to your Etsy Marketing in 2012.

Happy Crafting!

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