Are Your Etsy Images in Google Image Search?

November 13, 2011

Google recently added a new feature to their already powerful Google Image Search and it has some very handy uses for Etsy Sellers. Essentially, instead of searching for images which have already been indexed by Google, you can now drag your own image into the Google Image Search. This will give you a list of […]

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Spam, SEO and Your Etsy Shop

November 7, 2011

In How To Sell Your Crafts Online I write a fair amount on the subject of SEO as its so crucial for those of you who make handmade crafts. In fact, SEO is critical for anyone who wants to create an online presence. In case you’re not sure what SEO is, it stands for Search […]

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Beware the Twitter Direct Message Scam

October 31, 2011

While using Social Media to promote and market your handmade crafts is one of the main tactics I suggest in How To Sell Your Crafts Online, using Social Media does carry a few pitfalls. Phishing One, which you should always be mindful of, is Phishing. Phishing (which is pronounced like fishing) is where someone tries to get […]

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How to Set Up Facebook and Twitter in Your Etsy Shop

October 25, 2011

  Etsy have recently added a new way of promoting your Social Media pages on Twitter and Facebook. If you’ve read How To Sell Your Crafts Online, you’ll know that I consider Social Media to be of vital importance when it comes to selling on Etsy and all Handmade Marketplaces. In fact, Social signals are […]

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Are you putting all your Social Media Eggs in One Basket?

October 19, 2011

In How To Sell Your Crafts Online, I speak extensively about Facebook and Twitter. As well as a series of other Social Media options, including Tumblr, Posterous and, Squidoo and HubPages. All of these platforms work. They all do the job you need – broadcasting your creativity, information and interests. Often however, it seems that […]

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How To Sell Your Crafts Online featuring The Clever Comical Creations of Yellow Bug Boutique

October 14, 2011

    This week I’m really pleased to be able to feature Cindy and Randy Green from Yellow Bug Boutique. Their Bacon Periodic Table Pillow caught my eye for the work of genius it truly is! I love their creations – they’re vibrant, witty and clever. And I think their experiences of selling crafts online […]

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How to Sell Your Crafts Online is now available!

October 11, 2011

Well, here we are – “How to Sell Your Crafts Online” is now available in the shops! It’s been a long journey since I wrote my eBook guides back in January 2009. And from the simple but practical PDF guides emailed out on Etsy, the lessons and tips have been recreated, edited and updated into […]

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How to Sell Your Crafts Online…one day and counting

October 10, 2011

Tomorrow is “Pub” day for me… “Pub” as in Published!!! From tomorrow you can buy a copy of my book How to Sell Your Crafts Online and I’m absolutely thrilled! I know some people have already pre-ordered and I want to say a big thank you! Asides from this most exciting news 🙂 I also have plenty […]

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How To Sell Your Crafts Online featuring The Paper Portraits of Annie Sklaver

October 7, 2011

  I’m really excited to feature the work of Annie Sklaver. I’d been browsing through Etsy looking for cool and interesting items and instantly fell in love with Annie’s “World of books” 3D Paper Illustration. Annie Sklaver was born and raised in New Haven, Connecticut and she describes herself as a visual artist who makes 3D portraits […]

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Welcome to How To Sell Your Crafts Online!

October 4, 2011

  Well the site is almost ready. In fact it is ready; hence you’re looking at it right now 🙂 But there is a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff which I’m still working on. Chiefly the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for the website. But that, if you have spent any time SEO’ing your Etsy Shops or […]

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