Quick Tips for Etsy Holiday Sales

by PaperbackWriter

The Shop Announcement area for Etsy Shops

The other day I was signed into Etsy looking for gifts for the Holidays and found a few insights I’d like to share with you.

It was an interesting exercise because usually I’m looking at Etsy through the eyes of a Marketer and seeking new ways to optimize my wife’s Etsy Shop.

Browse as a Customer

But this time I was browsing through the eyes of a customer.

Because the first of December has been and gone I’m starting to feel slightly anxious that my purchases are going to arrive in time for the Holidays.

And this is going to be the same for a lot of other shoppers searching on Etsy.

Below is a quick tutorial which can solve anxious shoppers problems. And it means they can buy from your shop without potentially needing to contact you.

Which means less distraction for you at the same time as removing a barrier to sale for the shopper.

Removing barriers to sales is a key strategy for selling online.

Buyers Concerns

As a Buyer, some of the concerns (which you may want to consider for your potential customers) I had while browsing were:

Speed of delivery

See the action steps below.


Obviously this is something that you cannot change. But as a shopper, if I saw a shop was outside the US, I moved on to the next which was. There were a few items I’d have loved to have given as gifts but because of their location I had to bookmark them for later as I knew there was no way they would arrive in time.


I always check for feedback. Whether shopping on Etsy or eBay. Check your feedback every day!!!

I’ve already written about Feedback in my book so I don’t want to repeat myself here, but its key to your Etsy shops success.


This is completely under your control. Again, I’ve covered Tagging at length in How To Sell Your Crafts Online.

And if you haven’t read that chapter please do.

Because people shopping for the Holidays are most likely in a rush and being led to items that have nothing in common with their tags leads to bad feeling.

Put simply, it wastes everyone’s time.

On the other hand, when I found perfectly tagged items which were exactly what I was looking for – I added the item to my cart and checked out and moments later was looking for the next gift on my list.

Action Step

Going back to speed of delivery, the idea is to put the buyers mind at ease without them having to search through your Shop Policies to discover shipping times.

Here’s a quick and simple tip to achieve this.

Show the customer, at a glance, that you will be able to get their item to them in time for the Holidays in your Shop Announcement.

This needs to appear “above the fold”, in other words, somewhere they may look while searching through your listings.

To do this, sign into your Etsy shop and go to “Shop Settings” and then “Info and Appearance”:

Info & Shop Appearance on Etsy

If you’ve read How To Sell Your Crafts Online you’ll know that your Shop Announcement is important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). So this step is only meant to be a temporary one.

Type in the message you want Holiday Shoppers to see.

In my case I’ve written the below:

Super-Fast Shipping for the Holidays – all items ready to ship

I would add this above your previous shop announcement with a couple of spaces to seperate the new announcement from the old:

Special Shipping Message for Etsy Shoppers

Now, as you can see from the below image, this special “Holiday Message” is one of the first things that potential buyers will see:

Customized Etsy Shop Announcement

And that’s the end of the action step.

It only take moments but can be invaluable for visitors to your shop. As a Shopper, two questions have been answered without having to write to the seller.

By glancing at this text I now know that the shop is geared for the Holidays, that the items are ready to go and the Etsy seller knows fast shipping is important.

By reading further, I can also see that there are further options for faster shipping.


The final step is to make sure you set your Shop announcement back to the way it was once the Holidays have ended.

This is important as it shows attention to detail. And your shop announcement is of importance for SEO and for buyers to get a quick snapshot of what you’re selling. So it should always be relevant.

I hope this tutorial has given you some valuable insights and Happy Holidays!

And if your stuck for gift ideas you could always treat yourself or a loved one to a copy of How To Sell Your Crafts Online and start the New Year with your very own adventures on Etsy 🙂

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