RIP Google Reader

by PaperbackWriter

Google Reader

As readers of How To Sell Your Crafts Online will know, one of the many tools which I use to market online is Google Reader. I use it daily so I dedicated a whole chapter to it.

Sadly, it was announced on Wednesday (the 13th March) that Google Reader is going to be retired. You can read about it here

The news of Google Readers retirement has caused quite a stir and there’s even online petitions asking Google to keep the service running.

So what can you do if you’re using Google Reader?
Well, Digg have announced they’re working on an alternative, as have Feedly. And between now and July 1st there will no doubt be other alternatives popping up online.

Something you may also want to do is to back-up your Google Reader feed so it can imported into whichever new reader you decide to use.
Here’s an article which shows you how to back-up your data.

Image courtesy of filiph on Flickr

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