Spam, SEO and Your Etsy Shop

by PaperbackWriter

In How To Sell Your Crafts Online I write a fair amount on the subject of SEO as its so crucial for those of you who make handmade crafts.
In fact, SEO is critical for anyone who wants to create an online presence.

In case you’re not sure what SEO is, it stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Employing SEO can help take your website from obscurity to the top of the Search Engines.

The video above is a short presentation from Matt Cutts, a Software Engineer for Google who is the head of the search giants webspam team, where he dispells the myth that Google view SEO as spam.


The reason I’ve blogged about this important video, is to help dispell some of the negative thinking which can surround the topic of SEO.

People can often feel conflicted or confused about SEO, which is understandable as there are scammers and spammers who will offer you the world.
And when people hand over money for the promise of having their Etsy Shop or website taken to the top of the Search Engines and this doesn’t happen, it can understandably give a black mark to the term SEO.

I’ve noticed a few companies advertising on Etsy related websites making all sorts of promises to Etsy Sellers. No one, asides from Google, Yahoo and Bing, has control over where your Etsy Shop will land in the Search Engine results.

But that’s not to say that there aren’t plenty of things which you can do to help your Etsy Shop or Blog rank.
And neither am I suggesting that a lot of these companies may not be perfectly valid in their claims.

Do It Yourself

I choose to handle the bulk of my websites SEO to retain complete control over the way my website is perceived on the Internet.

A common SEO practise for helping give a website a boost online, is to build “backlinks” to the site. And a popular method can be leaving valuable and relative comments on other peoples websites, linking back to a website of choice.

Personally, I think its vital to make sure your in control of these comments. If your paying someone else to do this, you have no idea what they might be posting. I’ve seen people complain about these “services” where the companies have used Automated Software to post comments which then spew out random phrases and spam and junk.

Which is clearly no good for your brand or Etsy Shop.

This is why I’ve written about managing your own SEO exstensively in How To Sell Your Crafts Online.

My advice is that if your planning on paying someone else to do SEO for you, look at their feedback and find out exactly what methods they are going to be using.

And where possible, carry out the bulk of your SEO and Marketing yourself.

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