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by PaperbackWriter

 The eBook Social Media Marketing Magic

Well the site is almost ready. In fact it is ready; hence you’re looking at it right now 🙂

But there is a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff which I’m still working on. Chiefly the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for the website. But that, if you have spent any time SEO’ing your Etsy Shops or Blogs or Websites, is an ongoing battle!

I have a lot of new content planned for How To Sell Your Crafts Online – Social Media tips and Tricks and new ways to Market your crafts and art.

I plan to post twice a week and will increase this over time. Also, make sure you follow me on Twitter and Facebook as there will be all sorts of updates which won’t appear on the website as I scour the Interwebs for all sorts of Marketing and Craft related news.

And finally, please take the time to download your free copy of “Social Media Marketing Magic” (Part One). It’s designed to save you a bunch of time with your Social Media. And less time wading through people tweeting about their breakfast or updating Facebook with pictures of freshly clipped toenails can only be a good thing!

You can download your free eBook by clicking the picture above, or head over to the right-hand side of the page and click on the “Social Media Marketing Magic” book cover.

And in a week’s time, you’ll be able to buy a brand new copy of How To Sell Your Crafts Online.

Or you could simply pre-order it now!
Happy Crafting!

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